How to Prepare Your Home for Your Next Tenant

Do you own rental property? What are your top tenant acquisition and retention strategies? Compelling listings, maximizing on local amenities, and excellent communication deliver on your ROI. Then, why not start by preparing your home for your next tenant with your property manager? Yes, you want to remodel, clean, and carry out all necessary repairs and maintenance. Then, here are some tips to get you started:

The Walls – Cleaning, Sanding, Repainting

Walls need to be free of any imperfections. Also, inspect them for scuffs, marks, or scratches from the previous rental period. To do so, organize for a thorough cleaning session. Use grease-cutting soap or residue cleaning detergent depending on the type of dirt on the walls. Finally, use a damp cloth to wipe off in preparation for repainting.

Do you see any rough spots after cleaning the wall? Sand it to even it out. Then, check on the condition of the paint. Is it flaky or cracking? Correct it before applying a fresh coat of paint. Continue with sanding and scraping to get rid of all flaked or cracked paint.

Next, pick a neutral shade for your primer or a fresh coat of paint. The paint makes the rooms look spacious, sparkling clean, well ventilated, and cozy. Plus, such colors complement any home décor theme. Next, pick a sheen that is easy to clean and maintain. Then, use appropriate painting tools that include rollers, brushes, sprayers, and protective eyewear.

The Floors

When a tenant moves out, use this time to upgrade your flooring. For example, most tenants prefer wooden floors due to their durable and easy to clean condition. Then, get rid of the worn-out carpets in exchange for the latest hardwood floor design.

But, if you intend to stick to your old flooring, inspect it and make appropriate renovations to improve its condition and appearance. Do the floor renovations last? Otherwise, you may have to redo it due to dirt and scratches while renovating the upper sections of the house.

The Appliances and Amenities

Your Property Investment Consultant will tell you that appliances are one of the top features tenants look at in deciding whether to rent your premise or not. Likewise, a little improvement or change in such amenities can help you to increase your rental fees substantially. These appliances are large and costly to the tenant. Yet, the tenant needs them for convenience around the home. Then,

  • Inspect your current appliances for any leaks, cracks, or malfunctions.
  • Confirm that doors to your oven, refrigerator, or washing machine have a tight seal.
  • Check the drip bowls, coils, hoses, and vents for molds, dirt, or debris.
  • Conduct a spring cleaning exercise for all your appliances.
  • Check their expiry dates and power or fuel consumption.
  • Categorize your equipment in readiness for repairs or replacement.
  • Involve a certified technician to handle the repairs.
  • Upgrade your old or damaged appliances to the latest models that use smart technology.

Other amenities include air conditioning, lighting, security systems, water systems, storage facilities, and off-street parking.

The Common Rooms – Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens are high traffic areas. Check out these ideas to get these areas ready for the next tenant:

  • Work on an energy-efficient theme. Get rid of all non-essential electrical gadgets that increase your monthly utility bills.
  • Upgrade your kitchen countertops to a granite finish.
  • Create a kitchen island with all the bells and whistles for a contemporary look.
  • Switch to a walk-in shower instead of your current bathtub.
  • Install a trendy showerhead, faucet, and storage facilities for your bathroom.

The Outdoors

Finally, your curb appeal matters to a new tenant. It is what creates the first impression of the property. You can:

  • Clear out any overgrown grass and weeds in the backyard.
  • Bring in new batches of plants and flowers.
  • Define your walkways with flagstones.
  • Incorporates a centerpiece sculpture at your parking area with ample lighting to highlight it.
  • Add bird baths for that early morning chirping
  • Insist on creating a symmetrical effect around your doors, windows, roofs, and outdoor furniture.

Final Verdict

Note that the best way to prepare your home for your next tenant is by making it a clean and functional dwelling. Tenants are more concerned about their safety, health, and convenient living. For this reason, it is important if you get innovative with the latest trends in home remodeling.

Where you need professional help, make Premier Business Investments your choice property management company. We manage various rental properties including, patios, condos, and single-family homes in Arizona. Plus, we offer maintenance and rent ready repairs services. Then, get in touch for any clarifications about preparing your home for a new tenant.