Top 10 Most Common Property Maintenance Issues

When it comes to property management and resident services, maintenance is at the top of the list. Whether a resident makes a service request or the community pool is on the fritz, good maintenance really shines when it comes to property management company Gilbert AZ. If you don’t stay on top of repairs and requests, it can lead to tenant turnover and even more expensive problems.

There are some common property maintenance issues that always pop up. Preparing for these in advance can help you diminish problems for residents and your company.

1. Air Conditioners Gone Bad (14.2% of all maintenance requests)

It’s summer, and surprise, surprise, 15B’s air conditioning is on the fritz. Why is it that air conditioners always seem to go out when there’s a heatwave? Most likely, they’ve been running off and on, but now they’re running more than ever, causing belts to break and leaks to open up.

If you don’t get your HVAC fixed within 3 days, you will likely also see a complaint. This is a time-sensitive repair, so your tenant won’t be happy if you put it off more than a day. It’s best to keep an HVAC specialist on call during hotter months as well.

2. Broken Doors and Locks (Nearly 12% of service requests)

Have you ever had a tenant locked out or an old door key that suddenly breaks? In any case, your tenant can’t get inside, and the first person to call is property management. While it’s helpful to have spare keys, you may also need a locksmith if you want to fix the issue and make your rental accessible to the tenant.

3. Commode Woes (8.3% of property maintenance requests)

The toilet is running, and if you don’t catch it, the tenant is going to have a flood of issues. If the toilet clogs, there may be leaks, flooding, mold, and tons of other problems if you don’t fix it right away. If you don’t have a good plumber on staff, then you should definitely have a local plumber on call to handle these problems. If not, you could have to deal with an entire bathroom remodel from mold and mildew, not to mention the pissed off tenant.

4. Bathtubs and Drains (7.5% of all requests)

Plumbing issues take the cake when it comes to property requests. Baths and showers are necessary, but when your drain clogs or leaks, there’s likely a sealant issue or something going on in the pipes. Either way, you won’t know until you get a plumber to take a look.

These problems may also take multiple hours and parts to fix, which can be pretty costly. This is why it’s essential for property managers to inspect bathrooms and fixtures once a year.

5. Sinks in Trouble (Just 5% of all requests)

Clogs, leaks, drips, cracked hoses, smells, and an assortment of other mysterious problems could be lurking under the sink. Many property maintenance requests focus on the sink, and while it may seem like it should be easy to identify these problems, leaks and stopped water aren’t always simple to fix. An expert plumber may be able to fix it in one visit, but more than likely, you’ll need a replacement part, which could take some time.

6. It’s a Not-So-Frigid Situation (Almost 3% of all requests)

Property managers have found that while some fridges may last, there are always newer fridges with smart features, water filters, and custom settings. How much do you know about checking the LCD panel and temperature gauges of your smart fridge to ensure that it works properly? If you have a fridge on the fritz, then you’ll need the warranty and customer service number for the manufacturer first. If that doesn’t cover the problem, then a specialist is your next best bet.

However, again, you don’t want to wait too long to fix a bad because tenants won’t want to waste groceries and frozen goods.

7. Lights Out (2.7% of requests)

From a short in the socket to lighting fixtures that break, there are all kinds of reasons that lighting can go awry. Most tenants will get their own light bulbs, but if light keeps flickering, then you may need to check on electrical and get an electrician to fix the issue once and for all.

8. Shower (2.7% of requests)

Another plumbing problem that may require some expertise. Showerheads break, water comes out cold, clogs and leaks are all issues that tenants report when it comes to the shower. While you may troubleshoot the issue, you will likely need a plumber who knows what they’re doing.

9. Garbage Disposal (2.6% of all requests)

What’s that smell? Is it even on? Something’s stuck in the disposal! If you have had garbage disposal for any length of time, you know how difficult it can be to stay on top of this appliance. Typically, disposals need to be cleaned out every year, but tenants won’t do that. It’s up to you to stay on top of the disposal issues.

10. Appliances: Dishwashers, Ovens, and Washing Machines

Some of the other common property management questions you’ll see, particularly in an apartment complex, have to do with appliances. From electrical to burnt-out ovens to unplugged dishwashers, broken appliances require some troubleshooting first. In some cases, it could just be unplugged.

What Can You Do If You Own Property?

Service requests don’t have to back up and be a nightmare, particularly if you are too busy to handle these issues. There’s no reason why you can’t hire a company like Premier Business Investments to help you manage the property and take care of all service requests. It’s what we do best, and our clients and their tenants love our speedy staff and reliable service.